Nicholas Napp
Co-Founder Xmark Labs

Nicholas Napp is a Senior Member of IEEE, a steering committee member for IEEE's Metaverse initiative and the founder of Xmark Labs, LLC. He is a technical and marketing hybrid, with a strong focus on narrative. Nicholas has brought over 40 products to market and has authored and co-authored articles on many topics including digital transformation, affordable digital twins, IoT, and the digital divide. His clients have included multiple startups, as well as multinationals like Apple, AT&T, IEEE, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, Tencent and others. He is a frequent speaker at events worldwide such as AWE, COMPSAC and many others.


Jun 3

10:25 AM - 10:55 AM


Engage with IEEE Immersive and Intelligent Realities

Thomas Coughlin | Coughlin Associates

Kathy Grise | IEEE

Nicholas Napp | Xmark Labs