Sravanth Aluru
Founder & CEO Avataar

A technology enthusiast and a student for life, Sravanth Aluru (Founder & CEO) started Avataar in 2014, with a vision to uncover untapped potential from the confluence of Self-learning AI and Computer Vision. His belief stemmed from a fundamental view, advancements in computer vision (with cameras now surpassing the capabilities of a human eye) coupled with AI (analogous to the human brain-eye coordination) can bring about a paradigm shift in visual discovery experiences for consumers and businesses globally.

An engineer at heart, Sravanth spent his formative years in early 2000s as a Program Manager at Microsoft, where he first experienced the power of AI and Computer Vision. Post his MBA at Wharton, and for the first half of the 2010 decade, Sravanth donned the hat of an Investment Banker on Wall Street, helping Tech Entrepreneurs strategise and scale their businesses globally. He advised on transactions across mergers & acquisitions & Nasdaq Technology IPOs, cumulating over $100 billion in value.

Sravanth did his engineering undergrad from IIT Bombay, and is a lead inventor for 10+ US Patents across AI, Computer Vision and data transmission optimization over mobile wireless networks.


Jun 2

09:35 AM - 10:00 AM