Jordan (Seungmo) Shim
Business Developer MAXST

Jordan has been leading the domestic & global business as a business head of the Korea # 1, Metaverse platform and service providing company, MAXST.

He leads the commercialized platform, solution, and service business based on AR/VR/XR technologies such as AR / Sensor Fusion SLAM / VPS / XR SDK, MAXWORK Smart Factory solution, and MAXVERSE Platform.

As a business head in the tech industry with various international experiences, Jordan has contributed to the expansion of the metaverse ecosystem by including content creators, spatial map producers, app developers, service providers, service users in civil and public markets.

With a comprehensive understanding of IT business, technology, and services, he worked at MNC for over 20+ years and developed business through effective go-to-market strategies.

The unique skill sets in such capacities have granted him a detailed knowledge of overall company operations and an adaptability to new environments with a wide range of work scope.


Jun 3

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM


City-Scale AR Technology, Real-like Metaverse

Jordan (Seungmo) Shim | MAXST