Shirley Layer
Full Time Creator LeARn

My name is Shirley Layer, I'm a multi-passionate creator with a bird's eye view on creative projects. I pride myself on laying down the foundation of what and how a potential project could function, seeing the overall puzzle pieces, and helping to plug them in where they need to go. I love to build & partner with people & businesses around personal missions, passions, or purpose through creative means using digital technology, art, and a powerful network.

Problem-solving and collaborating on creative projects are what I love most. I'm constantly leaning into my curiosity and I'm fascinated with new emerging technologies such as AR, NFTs, & the Metaverse. I am someone that can initiate projects from the ground floor and pass the baton to those talented individuals that can go deeper with the idea and information. Most of my time is spent experimenting, iterating, and prototyping what could work.

In short, "it all starts with a Sketch" and I sketch the blueprints that bring things to life, through virtual and tangible reality. My skills and experience involve everything from art, design, printing, marketing, tech, animation, VFX, web design, content creation & more. 


Jun 1

11:30 AM - 12:25 PM


How Developers are Building the Real-World Metaverse with Lightship VPS

Brian Rose | Niantic, Inc.

Tory Smith | Niantic, Inc.

Antony Tran | Foundry Six

Jon Wong | Foundry Six

Shirley Layer | LeARn