Suzan Oslin
Director of Spatial Experiences UXXR Design

Suzan is an independent XR creator with a focus on persistent, geo-spatially located AR. She uses immersive technology to build aspirational futures that reflect her own wonder and awe for the beauty of life–at the same time revealing ugly truths that endanger our very existence. Using her mastery of experience design, she crafts interactions intended to engender empathy and motivate positive action. 

Ms. Oslin has experience designing and developing with Unity, Lens Studio, Lightship ARDK, Open AR Cloud’s Open Spatial Computing Platform, Quest, Rift, Magic Leap, mobile, and web. She looks forward to the future of an open and interoperable spatial computing platform where XR creators can work confidently across platforms, knowing their work will be accessible to all.

Suzan is a graduate of the Electronic Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois, Chicago with extensive experience working as a visual effects animator for Disney and Warner Brothers; across product development, design, and management for Technicolor, Delux, and Fandango; as well as two times as an entrepreneur. She is the program manager for spatial experiences at the Open AR Cloud, co-producer for AWE Nite LA, principal at the Virtual Experience Interaction Lab, and member of the AR House LA. 


Jun 2

10:05 AM - 10:55 AM


The Road from 3D Graphics to Metaverse

Neil Trevett | Khronos Group

Aysegul Yonet | Microsoft - Mixed Reality Development

Suzan Oslin | UXXR Design

David Morin | Epic Games - Unreal Engine

Jun 3

11:35 AM - 12:00 PM


Use Cases for the Real World Metaverse (AR Cloud)

Ali Hantal | XR Masters

Suzan Oslin | UXXR Design

Ali Hantal | XR Masters

Julia Beabout | Novaby