Guohui Wang
Head of AR Effect TikTok

Guohui leads the AR effect engineering team at TikTok. He has worked on the effect platform and related system frameworks over the past several years, transforming state-of-the-art AR technologies into innovative product features for the TikTok camera and other areas of content creation & consumption. His team also works on building the next generation of interactive effects to inspire creativity and empower storytelling on TikTok.

Prior to TikTok, Guohui was an engineering manager at Snap, where he worked on Lens infrastructure and computer vision algorithms. Before Snap, he was a senior research engineer at Qualcomm, working on the next generation mobile computing system for computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning.

Guohui got a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas, an M.S. in Computer Engineering from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Beijing, China and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Peking University in Beijing, China.


Jun 1

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM


The Next Generation of XR Storytelling with TikTok

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Guohui Wang | TikTok