Alex Coulombe
CEO Heavenue / Agile Lens

Architect turned XR-chitect, Alex has been creating theater (and theaters!) for over a decade. A consummate adopter of emerging tech, in 2013 he brought VR to Fisher Dachs Associates to design venues around the world. This led to helping venues previz live shows with VR and AR. In 2016 Agile Lens opened as an XR creative studio. Building for clients from architects and storytellers to Intel and Samsung, in 2018 they kicked off a study of effective live VR performance. The results of these studies led to collaborations on several pieces, including the Venice Biennale’s first live VR show viewable around the world, Loveseat, as well as the ongoing live VR theater festival, OnBoardXR. Alex's newest venture, Heavenue, is a platform to immerse audiences interactively in high-fidelity live performances through cloud computing. The first production was a new take on Christmas Carol with Actors Theatre of Louisville in December 2021.The next show show will be a reinterpretation of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, opening May 31. Learn more at


Jun 1

03:25 PM - 03:50 PM

Jun 2

03:40 PM - 05:10 PM


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