Jason Waskey
Creative Director Microsoft - Mixed Reality Development
Jason Waskey is a Principal Creative Director at Microsoft where he has worked for over twenty years. He has worked in Mixed Reality development for the last ten: first with Microsoft Research, and then as member of the original HoloLens program. Jason has been a part of Microsoft’s volumetric video effort since its beginning in 2010. Prior to working on innovation projects at Microsoft Research, Jason was the studio art director for ACES Games Studio which developed the multiple award-winning Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator, and Train Simulator franchises. Jason currently works as part of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios team.


Jan 29

05:24 PM - 05:54 PM

WebAR Workshop: Harness the Power of Browser-Based Augmented Reality

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Rigel Benton | Niantic, Inc.

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Preston Platt | Rock Paper Reality

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Jason Waskey | Microsoft - Mixed Reality Development

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