Basak Akman
Lead UI/UX Designer Rock Paper Reality

Basak has worked with AR, UX/UI and 3D to design narrative-based Mixed Reality worlds for a future of connection and expression. Her background in Architecture and Film drive her interest in interactive and emerging technologies. Basak has worked across disciplines, designing, and innovating multiple immersive products for ecommerce, stealth mode startups and a virtual institution for LGBTQIA+ people. She has worked with brands and influencers to create AR filters and showrooms for web and social media.


Dec 2

04:47 PM - 05:17 PM

WebAR Workshop: Harness the Power of Browser-Based Augmented Reality

Preston Platt | Rock Paper Reality

Ori Inbar | AWE and Super Ventures

Mike Boland | ARtillery Intelligence

Patrick Johnson | Rock Paper Reality

Rigel Benton | Niantic, Inc.

Heather Lipner | Geenee, Inc

Francesca Ellis | Zappar

Jason Waskey | Microsoft - Mixed Reality Development

Basak Akman | Rock Paper Reality

Omead Sinai | Rock Paper Reality