Francesca Ellis
Lead Support Engineer Zappar

Francesca is the Lead Support Engineer for ZapWorks at Zappar. She works within our Learning & Support team providing specialist support to our ZapWorks partners as well as producing bespoke learning resources, from step-by-step guides to live learning sessions. 


Jun 5

08:54 PM - 09:24 PM

WebAR Workshop: Harness the Power of Browser-Based Augmented Reality

Mike Boland | ARtillery Intelligence

Patrick Johnson | Rock Paper Reality

Ori Inbar | AWE and Super Ventures

Rigel Benton | Niantic, Inc.

Preston Platt | Rock Paper Reality

Heather Lipner | Geenee, Inc

Francesca Ellis | Zappar

Jason Waskey | Microsoft - Mixed Reality Development

Basak Akman | Rock Paper Reality

Omead Sinai | Rock Paper Reality