HoloLens & Mixed Reality Master Class

HoloLens & Mixed Reality Master Class

This course starts on Nov 7th.

Take this 6 week masterclass to learn about how to use HoloLens tools to create fantastic user experiences. 
Great resources, top instructors and mentoring.

Format & Timeline:

  • 6 weeks (Nov 7 – Dec 16)
  • Pre-Recorded Lectures (2 hours per week)
  • 1 hour mentorship Monday and 1 hour Q&A session Thursday per week (1 hour each) - 8 am PT (5 pm CET)
  • Minimum 10 hours of self study for assignments per week (easy, medium, hard)
  • Industry Project based learning format
  • Price: 2990 USD

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use the HoloLens tools to supercharge development, implement state of the art features and create seamless mixed reality experiences that interact with the real world.
  • How to interact with holograms to create interactive experiences that come to life and feel as natural as interacting with real objects.
  • How to blend and incorporate holograms into the real world.

Course Takeaways & Goals

  • How to set up the HoloLens developer environment
  • How to set up HoloLens 2 Development with MRTK
  • Learn about Features in MRTK that can be used for Application development
  • How to Anchor an Object with Azure Spatial Anchors
  • How to convert Text to Speech and Speech to Text with Azure Cloud Services
  • How to Create and Complete Cooking Experience Application for HoloLens 2

Who Should Take This Master Class?

  • Unity and VR developers & freelancers & solution providers who want to expand their skill set to Mixed Reality and Hololens
  • Mixed Reality Solution Providers who want to upskill and boost the experience of their junior developers, designers in a fast-track industry project based format
  • Enterprise companies (end users) who are deploying Mixed Reality powered solutions and using no-code MR creator tools and would like to learn more in depth so they can create custom features on existing MR training creator tools and editors
  • VR/AR enthusiasts who want to truly explore what it means to interact with and even make use of the physical world in a mixed reality platform for various industry use cases


  • A fundamental understanding of the Unity Engine
  • Basic C# skills
  • A Hololens 2 device (discounts for leasing or purchase options available)


Introduction and fundamentals review (1 week)
  • Device overview
  • Unity Overview
General performance guidelines Input and interactivity (3 weeks)
  • Input primitives
  • Direct hand manipulation
  • Eye tracking (important to understand user intent)
  • Understanding UX and user intent
Designing for emergent interactivity Interacting with the physical world (2 weeks)
  • Understanding physical space
  • Object Anchoring and persistence
  • Object alignment and tracking
  • How virtual objects interact with the real world
  • How UX and spatial meshing need to be taken into consideration in the design process

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