XR Virtual Collaboration Workshop

Master Virtual XR Collaboration In Your Workplace
To Improve Remote Work, Training and Education

Access to a VR headset required (Oculus Quest 2 preferred)


Seats are limited!
Discounts offered for groups of three or more. Contact us for more details.


With video meetings and training becoming more the norm than the exception, the limits of collaborating at a distance with traditional tools have never been more apparent. Corporations, small businesses and individuals are turning to virtual and augmented reality (collectively known as XR) collaboration tools to solve remote work pain points. However, incorporating this technology into your business model can be daunting.

Master XR Virtual Collaboration in Your Workplace

The AWE Academy has partnered with XR Consultant and Forbes columnist Charlie Fink to offer a comprehensive, effective evaluation of virtual collaboration platforms. In this workshop you will explore, experience and learn how to use 10 of the best virtual training and collaboration sites we’ve identified with over a year of research. Don’t miss this opportunity to accurately simulate work and training experiences in virtual reality, which can only be conducted in a group setting.

Previously offered only to corporate groups including Lockheed and Activision, this workshop is now open to the AWE community!

What You’ll Learn:

  • What are the leading XR collaboration platforms for meetings, training and education?

  • What virtual collaboration actually feels like, via an accurate simulation with a large group

  • Which platforms are right for you, and how can virtual collaboration be scaled to suit your needs?

  • Which platforms are best suited for small and large groups?

  • Best practices for efficient virtual collaboration meetings

Unmatched Instructors and Resources

  • Taught by “XR’s explainer-in-chief” Charlie Fink, plus renowned guest speakers

  • Post workshop, private one-on-one consultation sessions with your instructor(s) to review your goals for virtual collaboration and help determine how best to leverage these tools

  • Network of AWE’s experts and actionable resources to get started on your XR Collaboration journey

  • Courtesy of our data partner ARtillery Intelligence, class members get a free two-week subscription to ARtillery Pro ($1,200 annual value). You will receive curated content specifically geared towards your course and also have access to their entire knowledge vault packed with data and spatial insights to support your continuing education.

  • Receive a free 3 free months of a Virbela Team Suite from our content partner Virbela.

  • Receive a free one-month Glue Professional license courtesy of our workshop partner Glue.

  • Receive a free one-year license for Spatial Pro ($240 value) from our content partner Spatial.

  • Courtesy of our content partner Flow Immersive, receive a free one-month trial to the Flow Editor tool to enhance your presentations and interactions on their platform.

Who Should Take this Workshop?

  • Executives and HR Managers - Help your company or team navigate and evaluate XR collaboration tools for remote work and training

  • Engineers - Learn the ins and outs of deploying XR collaboration for your company at scale

  • Educators and Trainers - Explore XR’s capabilities for immersive remote training and education

  • Teams - Discover new ways to collaborate with your colleagues via this emerging medium

  • Anyone looking beyond video conferencing!

Key Takeaways

Learn what XR virtual collaboration platforms exist today, their capabilities and how best to leverage them for remote work
Platform Overview
Discover how to set and meet expectations for remote work, training and learning via XR platforms
Business Goals
Hands-on immersion into XR collaboration sites in a group setting, accurately simulating work and training experiences
XR Collaboration “Search Posse”
Review examples of successful (and unsuccessful) adoption of VR collaboration tools
Use Cases

Testimonials from Previous Attendees

    • “Unique, ‘round-the-world’ tour of virtual spaces and the future of remote work! Through the plethora of emerging virtual worlds, Charlie and his team skillfully guide participants through the, at times, complicated and chaotic setup process, to expose us to a variety of virtual spaces where team members explain the benefits and use cases of the environment. Recommended for anyone looking to understand the possibilities of virtual collaboration.” - Amy LaMeyer, Managing Director, WXR Fund

    • “Hopping from collaborative environment to environment in XR was quite the experience… both informative and incredibly enjoyable! It was so much fun, my colleagues and I just had a blast. They were still texting me last night with ideas and inputs at 1am. I never know what Charlie is going to bring next, but I always know it is worth paying attention!” - Shelley Peterson, Head of Innovation, Lockheed Space

    • “You should take every opportunity to hang out with Charlie. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time and learn something.” - Angelo Del Priore, Head of VR, HP