Gabe Baker
Product Manager / VR Developer / WebXR Virbela

Gabe Baker is a product manager and VR developer at Virbela, a virtual world platform for remote work, learning, and events. Baker manages FRAME, Virbela’s browser-based tool for immersive creation and collaboration on desktop, mobile, and VR platforms. In launching FRAME, Baker engaged close to 6,000 users for distance learning purposes.

Baker received his masters degree in education with a technology focus from UC Santa Barbara. While teaching humanities in Los Angeles, he conducted research with students and teachers who used 3D spaces for learning. Baker then started his own company, Edorble, a cross-platform application allowing users to gather in 3D environments. This platform offered clients an education/training space, complete with online courses and professional development benefits. While the Edorble product is no longer available, Baker continues to pursue the same vision in the context of FRAME at Virbela.


Dec 9

07:49 AM - 08:19 AM

XR Virtual Collaboration Workshop

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