Harness the Power of Browser-Based Augmented Reality

Learn how to produce successful marketing campaigns

No technical or coding experience required
Registration starting at $99
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Why You Should Take This Workshop

You will leave this workshop understanding:

  • Why Web AR is the next essential medium for marketing and advertising and how it's being used today 
  • What Web AR tools are available to you and how to use them 
  • How to successfully craft an end-to-end Web AR marketing strategy that will realize tangible results 

Unmatched instructors and resources:

  • Instructed by award-winning Web AR experts plus renowned guest speakers throughout the course 
  • One-on-one sessions with your instructors to review your assignments and provide feedback 
  • Network of Web AR experts and actionable resources to get started on your Web AR journey 
  • Courtesy of our data partner ARtillery Intelligence, class members get a free two-week subscription to ARtillery Pro ($1,200 annual value). Not only will you get curated content specifically geared towards your course, but you'll also have access to their entire knowledge vault packed with data and spatial insights to support your continuing education. 

Why Web AR


Augmented Reality has taken Marketing and Advertising by storm in 2020. With limitations to in-person interactions, brands are seeking new ways to engage with customers virtually. Historically, consumer AR has been slow to adopt due to various points of friction such as downloading an app.

Enter Web AR: You can now seamlessly deploy an AR experience to your customers across your preferred channels from social media to email as simple as using a URL link or QR code.


Within a few clicks, your customer can interact with your brand in the physical world, view products at home, try-on clothing items like sunglasses, or watch the founder of the brand talk and walk across your kitchen table. This powerful and engaging experience is the reason why the memory response to AR is 70% higher than non-AR and why brands using AR ads are seeing disproportionate results like a 520% increase in intent to purchase over the next six months (95x the benchmark for non-AR).


Learn to Harness Web AR

With this two-day, online workshop, you’ll learn the foundational skills necessary to craft a carefully considered approach for deploying Web AR marketing and advertising experiences to your customer. You’ll learn how to set Web AR campaign goals, craft an AR-enabled customer journey, and deploy an omnichannel Web AR campaign that’s measurable, impactful, and designed to either compliment or outperform traditional marketing benchmarks.


Led by Patrick Johnson, CEO of the award-winning AR agency Rock Paper Reality, and Omead Sinai, Strategy Consultant at Rock Paper Reality (and former Customer Strategist at Deloitte Consulting), this two-day workshop combines a deep dive into RPR’s street-tested “AR Blueprint” for brands with virtual workshops and specific examples focused on creating Web AR campaigns. There are also live office hours and group webinar engagements to allow for networking, questions, and deeper discussions focused on participants’ specific projects, goals, and to work through the assignments.


Who Should Take This Workshop?

  • Brand Managers - help your company navigate and evaluate Web AR for you brand

  • Creative Agencies - learn how and why you should consider  providing Web AR solutions to your clients

  • Digital Artists - apply your creative and technical skills to helping brands leverage Web AR

  • Creative Technologists - explore this emerging medium for marketing and advertising and complement your technical skills with a proven process for Web AR campaigns

  • AR Enthusiasts - anyone looking to learn more, to make Web AR more accessible and to deploy campaigns for marketing and advertising

Key Takeaways

Platform Overview
Learn what Web AR tech exists today, what it is capable of, and how best to leverage it for your next marketing campaign
Business Goals
Set your business goals upfront to ensure your campaign is correctly tailored to hit realistic KPIs and deliver success
Customer Journey
Understand which touchpoints along your customer journey can be AR-enabled and how it will impact your customer
Channel Strategy
Develop a UX that achieves your customer needs and compliments Web AR’s capabilities and limitations
Creative Process
Deploy an omni-channel Web AR strategy to target your customer on the right channels at the right time for the best results
Campaign Mechanics
Learn how to evaluate AR agencies, scope your project, and recognize cost considerations for your campaign