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Monthly Spatial: November 2021
Monthly Spatial

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Monthly Spatial


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November 2021 Highlights 


  • Niantic Announces ‘Lightship’ and Reveals Its Vision for a ‘Real-World Metaverse’. (TechCrunch)
  • 8th Wall Introduces Reality Engine—a Platform to Power the Metaverse. (ar.rocks)
  • GTC 2021: Omniverse Avatar, CuQuantum, Clara Holoscan and More. (VentureBeat)
  • Gemini Raises $400 Million To Build A Metaverse. (Forbes) 


  • Huawei Launches VR Glass 6DoF Headset. (XR Today) 


  • Epic Games Forges Partnership with Harmonix. (XR Today)
  • HaptX Announces $4M Credit Facility from Crescent Cove Advisors to Accelerate Development of its Haptic Products. (Auganix) 


  • Nreal Light AR Glasses Hit U.S Verizon Stores on November 30. (VentureBeat)
  • Niantic Announces $300M Investment from Coatue. (Auganix) 

Spatial Insights

  • Will this metaverse access device reach $22 billion in revenue by 2025? (ARInsider)
  • Can this AR leader help local businesses generate foot traffic? (ARInsider)

XR Market


  • Samsung Invests in DigiLens XR Glasses Firm at Valuation Over $500M. (VentureBeat)
  • €40,000 Prize Fund for VR Researchers and Content Creators. (XRRA 2021)
  • Unity Buys $1.6B Stake in Weta Digital Studio. (XR Today)
  • Help Lightning Acquires AR Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Platform Fieldbit. (Auganix) 

Platforms & Tools

  • Threedium Secures $2.1M in Pre-Series A Funding. (Auganix)
  • Ultraleap Raises ~$81M in Series D Funding Round. (Auganix)
  • Resolution Games Acquires Zero Index and Makes Multiple Strategic Hires. (Auganix) 


  • Dispelix Closes $33M in Series B Funding. (Auganix) 



  • Sandbox VR Prepares for Expansion Following $37M Fundraise. (VentureBeat)
  • Social VR Startup HIKKY Raises $57M Investment Led by NTT Docomo. (Road to VR)

Launches & Announcements


  • LG's U+ DRIVE to Create 3,000 XR Assets by January. (XR Today)
  • DPVR Announces Partnership with Travel Africa Network to Provide Virtual Reality Solutions to Help Promote Tourism in Africa. (Auganix) 


  • As Nvidia Pushes for Leadership in the Metaverse, Here’s Everything it Announced at GTC 2021. (VentureBeat)
  • Disney Wants To Create Its Own Metaverse. (VRScout)
  • Unity Moves Robotics Design and Training to The Metaverse. (VentureBeat)
  • Mytaverse Launches a Metaverse for Business Travelers. (VentureBeat)
  • Nike is Building its Metaverse Inside of 'Roblox’. (Engadget)


  • Intel Makes Augmented Reality Production More Accessible with Affordable New RealSense Standalone Depth Camera. (Next Reality)
  • Ultraleap’s Hand Tracking Platform Gemini Is Now Available For Download. (ARPost)
  • Taqtile Announces Enhanced Support for Its Manifest AR Work Instruction Platform on Magic Leap and RealWear Devices. (Auganix)
  • CareAR Announces Launch of CareAR Instruct, Drone Support, and Its Acquisition of CraftAR. (Auganix)
  • HalfDive VR Headset Takes Design Cues from 'Sword Art Online' NerveGear, Coming to Kickstarter in December. (Road to VR)
  • Meta Updates on Metaverse Haptic Gloves Plans. (TNW)
  • Vive Focus 3 is Getting WiFi 6E Support & More Improvements for VR Arcades. (Road to VR)
  • Snapchat Teaming Up With Sony On New AR Music Lenses. (VRScout)
  • XYZ Reality Launches 'Atom' AR Headset. (XR Today)


  • Meet XR Terra, The Company Teaching XR Technology. (ARPost)
  • Tencent's Metaverse Plans to Follow Chinese Law. (XR Today)
  • Inworld AI Joins Metaverse Innovation with AI-Driven Virtual Characters. (VentureBeat)
  • Magic Leap Partners with Geopogo on AR Solution for Architecture and Design. (Auganix)
  • BMW Uses Nvidia's Omniverse to Build State-Of-The-Art Factories. (VentureBeat)
  • HoloSuite Gets Depthkit Support for Easier Volumetric Capture by Jose Antunes. (ProVideo Coalition)
  • Fold Partners with Niantic to Create AR-based Bitcoin Rewards App. (VentureBeat)
  • DPVR Announces Partnership with XRGlobal to Provide Customized VR Software and Hardware. (Auganix) 

Platforms & Tools

  • Project Cambria 3D Model Formed From Texture Leak. (UploadVR)
  • Microsoft's Metaverse Ambitions Grow as Teams Platform to Include 3D Avatars & Immersive XR Meetings. (Road to VR)
  • Amazon Launches Sumerian, Drag-and-Drop Tool for Quickly Creating & Deploying AR/VR Content. (Next Reality)
  • Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform for Creation of Headworn AR Experiences. (Auganix)
  • 'ShapesXR' Is A Rapid Prototyping VR Tool. (VRScout)
  • Domino Data Lab Launches Fully-Managed MLOps Service with Nvidia. (VentureBeat)
  • ActiveLook Unveils its ‘NexT’ Technology Platform for Augmented Reality Sports Eyewear. (Auganix)
  • STYLY Debuts Creative Platform on HTC VIVE Flow. (XR Today)
  • Assemblr Launches New Web-Based AR Creator. (ARPost)
  • Arvizio Immerse 3D Review: Intuitive Cross Platform Visualisation Tools. (XR Today)
  • Meta Unveils XLS-R Speech Processing Tool. (XR Today)
  • Amazing VR App Turns Any Room Into A Mixed Reality Stargazing Lounge. (VRScout) 

Training, Gaming & Entertainment

  • South Korean Startup Wave Company Announces Electro-Haptic Suit that Combines EMS with VR for Gaming and Exercise. (Auganix)
  • Leveraging XR-Based Training To Address America’s Employment Crisis. (ARPost)
  • Harena Data and Phenomena VR Announce Competitive VR eSports Leagues. (Auganix)
  • Snap Spectacles AR Game Has Players Racing To Collect Bananas. (VRScout)
  • VRM Switzerland Showcases its Airbus H125 Simulator for Virtual Reality Helicopter Pilot Training. (Auganix)
  • PIXELYNX Announces Partnership with Niantic to Develop Mobile App Version of its Music Focused Gaming Platform. (Auganix)
  • YUKI, Kusunda & Olympia Take Home Raindance Immersive Awards. (VRFocus)
  • Deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin Join Forces To Create Augmented Reality Gaming Platform. (ar.rocks) 


  • VR Treatment for Chronic Pain Gets FDA Authorization. (The Verge)
  • Surgeons Cautiously Embrace the Medical Metaverse. (VentureBeat) 

Research and Patents

  • Is Holography the New Frontier for Augmented Reality Wearables? (AWE Blog)
  • Microsoft Files Mixed Reality Space Anchors Patent. (XR Today) 


  • Meta is Considering Physical Stores to Sell Its Vision of the Metaverse. (Road to VR)

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