30 Aug 2022 | Sam Sprigg
Discover all that is happening at AWE EU in Lisbon this October
AWE EU 2022

AWE EU 2022 Initial Agenda and Exhibitors Are Announced

The initial agenda for AWE EU 2022 has been announced and this year’s leading XR event taking place in Lisbon, Portugal is already going to be AWE’s most diverse European event ever!

With an agenda that covers everything from enterprise XR use cases, to creator and developer best practices across a vast range of Augmented and Virtual Reality platforms, AWE EU will have something to offer everyone, whether you work in the AR/VR industry, or are looking to learn more about XR for your business or organization. 

This year will feature a selection of incredible talks and panel discussions, with the first 150 speakers already confirmed, representing five continents and consisting of nearly fifty percent female speakers.

What's the Agenda?

Taking a look at a few select agenda tracks for this year, we have:

The AWE EU Main Stage – Featuring talks and presentations from companies including Google, META Materials, Microsoft, Niantic, Ready Player Me, The XR Association, and more. The Main Stage at AWE will once again Highlight the best use cases, hottest companies, and most important topics for the next year in XR, with a focus on social impact.


Enterprise Track – Covering a range of different XR case studies and applications designed to help improve safety, security, training, efficiency, reduce errors, and increase the bottom-line across all industry verticals. Speakers from enterprise companies including AWS, Nestle, Pfizer, Shopify and many more will be on the AWE Enterprise stage.


Start-ups & Investors Track – This track will showcase a range of talent from up-and-coming start-ups from across the globe, with a strong presence from European start-ups and founders, as well as several Korean start-ups who will be in attendance this year. Plus, don’t miss AWE EU’s Start-Up Pitch Competition, where start-ups will pitch to a panel of judges for a chance to be named AWE's "Start-Up to Watch" for 2022. The winner will be announced during the Event Wrap-Up on the Main Stage.


Developer Track – Looking at the work of developers from across the AR and VR industry, as well as the various platforms and SDKs that they are using for building XR applications. Highlighting best practices, use cases, capabilities and shortcomings, the Developer track will include speakers and panelists from companies including Meta, Microsoft Research, Orange, Venice International Film Festival, and many more.


XR Impact Track – This track will look at XR’s impact on society and cover topics such as sustainability, safety and security in XR, and the metaverse for good. With talks from organizations including XR4EUROPE, a Pan-European association that federates all the XR professionals, organizations and initiatives to support the development, promotion and representation of XR innovation, industry and creativity from across Europe. Plus, attendees will be able to learn more about AWE’s $100,000 XR Prize Challenge from the XR Impact track.

There are a total of 11 agenda tracks at AWE EU this year, which will cover topics such as 3D avatars, digital fashion, AI & virtual humans, volumetric capture, Web3, XR headsets, interoperability across Metaverse platforms, and so much more. Talks will highlight the use cases for XR across a variety of industries too, including automotive, aerospace, creative arts, education, e-commerce & retail, gaming, energy & utilities, manufacturing, and a host of others.

The other tracks, all of which will feature leading speakers in their respective fields, include: Retail, E-commerce & Advertising; Healthcare & Wellness; Start-ups & Investors; Gaming, Entertainment & Media; Collaboration, Training & Education; Creator; and XR Enablement.

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AWE EU Exhibitors and Playground

Image credit: Vitruvian VR

As well as a rich and diverse agenda, AWE EU will have an AWEsome assembly of exhibitors on display throughout the expo hall, as well as some mind-bending XR experiences for attendees to enjoy at the AWE Playground.

Companies showcasing their latest Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions and products will include: HaptX, Iristick, META Materials, Panasonic, Pico Interactive, SyncReality, TeamViewer, UneeQ, Vuzix, and more! On the AWE EU expo floor, attendees will be able to get hands-on with some of the latest and cutting-edge XR solutions that the industry has to offer.

There will be a range of special pavilions at this year’s event too, with a contingent from South Korea manning the Korean start-up pavilion, including Auggie award winners 3i for their ‘Beamo’ enterprise solution from AWE USA 2021.

Over on the AWE Playground, you’ll be able to experience daring, first-of-their-kind, immersive AR and VR demos from innovative companies pushing the boundaries of XR entertainment and experiences. Playground demos on show at this year’s event include The Garden of Choices VR, and Vitruvian VR – a Virtual Reality simulator inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Vitruvian VR is a professional mechanical system with gyroscopic structure that uses automation and industrial components to allow for high performance and reactive VR experiences, such as flight or driving simulations. This is definitely one that all XR enthusiasts will want to try out!

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Be A Part Of The AWE Community

As well as industry leading speakers, a packed agenda and amazing XR experiences to try out, AWE EU will of course offer everyone who attends the opportunity to connect with the rest of the European XR community in real life. 

Every year, AWE’s in person and online events help to facilitate networking and the building of connections across all areas of the XR ecosystem. Start-ups and founders meet investors, enterprise users meet solutions providers, and creators and developers build relationships with brands to design and build AR/VR experiences for customers. AWE is the home of the XR community, and AWE EU will be the perfect opportunity for our community members throughout Europe to gather, where you’ll be able to learn from one another, build connections, and grow your business.

Come and Enjoy Lisbon

If all the amazing talks and unique AR/VR experiences at AWE EU weren’t an excuse enough already to be a part of this year’s leading XR event on the European continent, the added bonus is that this will all be taking place in the stunning city of Lisbon in Portugal.

You can find out more about why Portugal is shaping up to be a leading hub for XR industry professionals and businesses in our blog post. But for a quick hit summary of why Lisbon is going to be the place to be this October, see below:

  • AWE EU taking place from October 20-21 at the FIL - Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre.
  • Another legendary AWE After Party taking place on the FIL Skybar Rooftop.
  • Not to mention the IVRHA is holding its 4th Annual Virtual Reality and Healthcare Europe Symposium in Lisbon from October 18-19, meaning two incredible events in the same city one after the other.
  • Several beaches a stone’s throw from the center of Lisbon.
  • A culturally rich city with incredible restaurants, art galleries, museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites all easily accessible from the conference center location.
  • Fantastic travel connections to nearby European capitals and the rest of the world.
  • So much more!

Make sure you get ahead of the rush by checking out some of the hotel options available in the city. Thank you to our partners at Turismo Lisboa and Turismo Portugal, who have been supporting AWE to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. We are confident that all those who attend are going to be talking about this one for a while after!

Early bird pricing is still available, but expires September 2, so get your tickets soon before rates run out. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to Lisbon for this year’s AWE EU, from October 20-21. 

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Header image credit: Vitruvian VR


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