Yoni Binstock
CTO Atomic Digital Design

Yoni Binstock, an accomplished XR developer, skilled product manager, and effective team leader, thrives when creating immersive experiences with augmented and virtual reality. His extensive knowledge of XR technologies positions him at the cutting edge of immersive digital development.

Currently, he is the CTO of Atomic Digital Design, a premier AR creative agency based in Paris. In this role, he drives innovation and nurtures creativity, leading the team to new heights.

Beyond his AR/VR development role, Yoni is also a respected author. His works, "What is Virtual Reality?" and "What is Augmented Reality?" features over 100 interviews with leaders and experts in the VR and AR fields.

Motivated by a deep passion for crafting XR products that inspire a sense of awe, Yoni continually collaborates with talented artists and developers. His goal is to create XR experiences that add a touch of magic and wonder to our world.


Oct 25

10:35 - 11:00


Unlock the Future of Luxury Retail with Augmented Reality

Yoni Binstock | Atomic Digital Design