Unlock the Future of Luxury Retail with Augmented Reality

Oct 25

10:35 - 11:00


Are you captivated by the fusion of technology and luxury? Intrigued by how augmented reality (AR) can elevate the consumer experience to unprecedented heights? Join us for a riveting exploration that will redefine your understanding of luxury retail and augmented reality will intermix.

Immersive Experiences: Learn how AR is transforming brick-and-mortar stores into immersive, interactive landscapes.
Consumer Engagement: Uncover the psychology behind AR's power to drive unprecedented consumer engagement and loyalty.
Location-Based Strategies: Dive deep into the innovative ways luxury brands are using location-based AR to personalize and enchant the consumer journey.

Who Should Attend?

This talk is a must-attend for retail executives looking for groundbreaking strategies AR enthusiasts curious about real-world applications marketers aiming to disrupt the traditional retail landscape consumers interested in the future of luxury shopping.

Don't Miss Out!
Walk away not just with knowledge, but with a vision for the future. Discover the untapped potential of AR in luxury retail, gain actionable insights, and get inspired to be a part of this exciting transformation.


CTO , Atomic Digital Design

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Oct 25

10:05 - 10:30


This fireside chat explores the innovative role of avatars in enhancing operational efficiency and brand performance. We will discuss how avatar technology can streamline customer interactions, automate tasks, and personalize user experiences. Attendees will gain insights into leveraging avatars to drive cost savings, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate brand engagement, making it a must-attend event for those seeking to harness the potential of avatars in the corporate landscape.


CEO , Union Avatars
Head of Innovation , Accenture
Oct 25

11:05 - 11:30


Step into a future of retail where cutting-edge technology and emotive storytelling converge to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. In this talk, we delve into the development and implementation of six state-of-the-art interactive installations, showcasing the power of XR and AI to captivate, engage, and emotionally connect with diverse customer segments.

Dive deep into the heart of interactive displays created to make people smile, games designed to help children overcome fear, a multisensory journey through the history of light, VR experiences that strengthen couples' bonds, and more. Learn how each project, despite its unique challenges, successfully elevated the customer's experience, helping them have an unforgettable shopping experience while enabling them to acquire new knowledge and skills that enrich their daily lives.

These installations aren't just showcases of XR and AI; they're visions of a future where the essence of a brand goes beyond the product, establishing a stronger emotional connection with customers. Whether you're an XR professional seeking inspiration, or an end consumer curious about implementing XR in your business, this talk will broaden your perspective on the potential of integrating XR into the retail sector.

Join us and discover how technology is breathing new life into retail spaces, making them not just places to shop but destinations to experience, engage, and connect.


Cofounder and CEO , vrisch
Co-founder & CCO , vrisch / XRVienna
Oct 25

13:00 - 13:25


Throughout this speech, we will delve into the transformative power of 3D & Augmented Reality for Display ADV and how it serves as a solution for brands and media agencies in defeating all their day-to-day challenges. We will address the main advertisers headaches, such as banner blindness and the lack of differentiation, and explore how immersive rich media can effectively overcome them.

Our discussion will focus on the significant benefits that they bring to the table, particularly in terms of enhancing brand recall, brand lift, and engagement. By creating interactive and engaging experiences, 3D & Augmented Reality captivates audiences and stands out amidst the sea of traditional advertising formats.

We will analyze compelling case studies to showcase the effectiveness of immersive rich media in driving memorable brand experiences. Additionally, we will explore the underlying principles and best practices in order to implement these campaigns, ensuring maximum impact and desired outcomes.

Join us as we uncover the potential for 3D & Augmented Reality for Display ADV, how it reshapes the advertising landscape, and the strategies that brands and media agencies can employ to leverage its capabilities.


CEO , Aryel
Oct 25

13:30 - 13:55


Join us for a deep dive into the VR/AR sector's core challenges, sourced directly from industry professionals. This session aims to arm attendees with actionable insights, strategies, and success stories to navigate these hurdles effectively. Discover the transformative power of community-driven knowledge-sharing and leave inspired to take on the challenges that lie ahead. This isn't just another talk; it's a guide to elevating your XR journey.


Chief Executive , AIXR
Oct 25

14:10 - 15:05


Join us as we share a map of digital fashion that demonstrates the following:

- Segmentation of target audience groups and value for each group
- Major digital fashion use cases that can bring predictable results and sales in 2024
- Ways to connect digital fashion instruments with overall online and offline communication of the brand
- Methods to try the water and plan long-term

The above will be based on practical cases for world-renowned brands.


Founder, Music and Mulit-Media artist, Futurist , VNCCII
CEO & Founder , MAD Global and Future+
Founder and CEO , GN3RA
Co-founder/CEO , FFFACE.ME