Ruby Woodward
Doctoral Researcher University of Cambridge

Ruby is a doctor who has transitioned into doctoral research and is now pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her specialty lies in the development and evaluation of mixed reality (MR) enhanced simulation in medical education. In collaboration with GigXR and Cambridge University Hospitals, Ruby was instrumental in developing the first module of 'HoloScenarios'. This novel application leverages MR to produce hyperrealistic holographic depictions of acute medical scenarios, offering healthcare professionals an immersive platform to practice managing clinical emergencies in real-time. The innovation of HoloScenarios caught global media attention, earning a spot as one of Time Magazine's best inventions of 2022.

Situated at the intersection of MR technology and education, Ruby's research is guided by a diverse team of academics, educators, clinicians, and developers. Her work is underpinned by three core principles:

1. Aligning MR-enhanced teaching tools with foundational educational theories.

2. Prioritising objective, valid outcome measurements in medical simulation research.

3. Utilising rigorous experimental designs to gauge the effectiveness of MR-enhanced simulations in medical education.

During a recent internship, Ruby partnered with GigXR to create an application using conversational AI to bring virtual patients to life. This tool aims to develop medical students' skills in patient history-taking and communication. Above all, Ruby envisions a future where XR technology aligns seamlessly with transformative education. She ardently believes in the symbiosis of technological progress and fundamental learning principles, ensuring that innovations complement strong medical foundations and established educational theories.


Oct 24

14:00 - 14:25