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How Augmented and Virtual Reality Will Change the Future of Retail - and How We’re Going to Get There


Augmented and virtual reality (also known XR) has the potential to transform the retail industry as a powerful merchandising tool, and 3D representations of products will be everywhere in retail, appearing on mobile, web and AR/VR devices enabling customers to interact with photorealistic products in virtual showrooms. Retailers will also benefit from 3D, as they will be able to create richer representations of their products across a diverse set of platforms. This technological advent is proving itself game-changing for retail, but without 3D being experienced consistently across all platforms and devices, the production remains siloed, expensive and tough to scale. Making the future XR- & 3D-rich retail landscape a reality will require collaboration of many different retail & technology companies who must ensure that customers can find these experiences on many different platforms—from search results to social feeds to ad units to apps, ecommerce, websites, mobile AR devices, VR/AR headsets, & more. In this session, panelists from retail and technology come together to discuss some of the current challenges of bringing XR & 3D applications to retail & explain what efforts are being made so far to overcome them.


Founder and CEO , Simply Augmented
Head of AR/VR , Shopify
Head of Visual Technologies , Houzz
Director, Customer Magnetics , Walmart ECommerce
Head of AR/VR Ad Innovation , Unity Technologies

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