Wendy Moore
Chief Operating Officer (COO) Healium by StoryUP Studios
Wendy Moore is a technologist working at the intersection of health care, spatial computing and bioinformatics. As COO of Healium, she leads Global Business Development and Revenue Strategy. Wendy’s experience in operations, change management and finance has provided her with the opportunity to work with companies and leaders in all industries, from multinational companies to early-stage startups, coming from a $4B SaaS company and award-winning entrepreneurial ecosystem builders. Healium is the world's first stress management solution using immersive media storytelling powered by consumer wearables. In all areas and across all industries, stress is a contributing factor to decreased performance, employee retention and overall happiness. Healium stress management solutions are used all around the world in areas of acute, situational, workplace or confined stress. A clinically-validated intervention shown to reduce stress in as little as four minutes, Healium's impact has been documented in three peer-reviewed journals -- Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Neuroregulation (ISNR), and the Scholarly Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. This award-winning content has been nominated for a Webby, won Best Meditation App by VR Fitness and an Edison Award for Health & Wellness Tech, and has been featured at film festivals around the world including at Cannes, SXSW, and Sundance. Healium has also been featured on The Today Show, The Washington Post, CBS Evening News, DIY Network, The Huffington Post, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, among others.