"MetaTr@versal: A Day in the Life" | A Play About Humanity in the Metaverse!

Jun 2

01:00 PM - 01:55 PM


The Metaverse connects us virtually. It bridges the physical space between us so we can be together, wherever we are. This presentation illustrates our new reality in real-time by embracing immersive technologies, and telling the story of a day in the life of Sophia as she traverses the Metaverse to create meaningful memories with her friends and family and creates hyper-connective pathways to excel in her career from anywhere in the world.

“MetaTr@versal: A Day in the Life” is an innovative live stage play that demonstrates the power of an embodied internet in service of humanity while illustrating the value of interoperability and open standards. This event will feature a cast of industry talent (and some surprises) as the people Sophia encounters in a day in her life. The audience will experience the show through the point of view of Sophia and come out with a vision for how they, too, can embrace the wonders of the Metaverse.


CEO/Founder , HRVSTS
Founder and CEO , HRVSTS
Neuroscientist + YouTuber , Johns Hopkins University
Executive Director , XR Women
Creator , The Polys - WebXR Awards
Co-founder / CEO , Mixx Reality
Advisor , Dulce Dotcom
Mixed Reality Technologist , Dulce Dotcom
Co-Founder , MetaVRse
Podcast Host & DC Chapter VP , VR/AR Association
CEO , Realitycraft
Co-Founder , Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design
Founder, Chief Scientist , All These Worlds, LLC
Founder , Virtual World Society
President , Khronos Group
Founder , GatherVerse
Co-Creator , Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design
Sr. Dir., XR & Metaverse , Deutsche Telekom AG
Co-Founder & COO , MetaVRse

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Jun 1

09:00 AM - 09:30 AM


Ori Inbar, CEO and cofounder of AWE, will welcome attendees to the 13th annual AWE USA 2022 event with a fresh premise: XR makes dreams come true!
He will kick off with how XR helped achieve his own personal dreams and proceed with covering how XR has been helping businesses deliver on their goals, people realize lifelong ambitions, and most crucially - fight the biggest threats facing humanity in the next decade.

Since 2010, AWE has been showcasing how XR make dreams come true and this week will continue with that tradition and help aspiring XR professionals fulfill more of their dreams while making a positive impact around the world with AR, VR and the Metaverse.


Co-Founder , AWE and Super Ventures
Jun 1

09:35 AM - 10:00 AM


"The metaverse." How did a term go from the pages of sci-fi literature to being the tech industry’s next multibillion dollar bet? And how did our industry end up speaking about something with such conviction with no agreed-upon definition? Join John Riccitello, CEO of Unity, as he breaks down the tech industry’s word du jour, what the metaverse is and isn’t and how brands can get beyond the buzzwords.


CEO , Unity
Jun 1

10:05 AM - 10:30 AM


No longer just an idea, a multitude of players, brands and OEMs are bringing the Metaverse to life. Join Hugo Swart, VP and GM of XR at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., as he talks about the constellation of devices and exciting developer tools like Snapdragon Spaces that will drive truly immersive spatial computing experiences. As the leader of the XR team at Qualcomm, Hugo has a front row seat into the platforms, technologies and solutions under development that are your ticket to the Metaverse.


VP & GM, XR , Qualcomm
Jun 1

10:35 AM - 11:00 AM


Every day, engineers, architects, and creatives are building new XR experiences and devices. Together, we are building the future of XR, and our future looks bright. But as with any emerging technology there are challenges to be addressed. How do we ensure that every actor in this space embraces their obligation to create safe, respectful, and inclusive immersive spaces? How do we convey to the public, policymakers, and other stakeholders the tremendous promise of XR. And how do we express our commitment to addressing important challenges now and not sometime down the road?

In order to move toward the widespread adoption of XR, it is critical that we tell the story of XR and the industry behind it. Whether providing examples of XR workforce training or demonstrating how XR is helping patients maximize their therapy and recovery, seeing is believing. We also must adopt and promote the best practices and standards-setting work that is already taking place across the industry, and build on those efforts. To have impact, we need the industry to tell the stories of XR. We need you all to strive toward standards of excellence. All of us must unite to chart the path to responsible development.

Join the XR Association’s CEO Elizabeth Hyman to discuss the road ahead for the future of XR technology.


CEO , XR Association
Jun 1

11:20 AM - 11:45 AM


Join HP Extended Reality experts as they discuss the current state and challenges facing VR business deployments. You’ll come away with an exciting new timely software solution ExtendXR that addresses the urgent market need for end-to-end mid to large organization XR deployment and management.

Talking Points:

· Showcase positive impacts that demonstrate the VR at the commercial tipping point

· How VR sets the stage for end-to-end XR solutions

· Highlight more immediate challenges and struggles

· Solutions that address these challenges for a more comprehensive commercial XR approach


XR Commercial Solutions Senior Product Manager , HP