Karen Alexander
Executive Director XR Women

Karen Alexander, PhD, is a seasoned spatial computing professional with specializations in XR for higher education and in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) for XR startups. She is a co-founder and Executive Director of XR Women, a global community that serves as a catalyst for the success of women in the field. She serves as Director of Compliance and Immersive Learning Consultant at MetaVRse, where she has worked on transforming 2D training materials into interactive 3D experiences for enterprise. Dr. Alexander is an expert participant in the Immersive Learning Research Network State of XR panel as well as the Virtual Worlds in Education Project for the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. Through her consulting company, XRconnectED, she has steered higher education institutions on the adoption of XR and was instrumental in implementing the Metaversity Project by VictoryXR and Meta for one of her clients. She believes that technology has the power to improve lives with an intentionally human-centered approach. Dr. Alexander is a producer for The Polys Web XR Awards; she appeared in MetaTr@versal, a Play about Humanity in the Metaverse, at AWE 2022, and was the convenor and host of the WebXR Education Summit that same year. Dr. Alexander earned her PhD in English Literature from the University of London and holds Master’s Degrees in English, Philosophy, and Issues in Modern Culture. She is Certified in Cybersecurity through ISC2.


Jun 2

01:00 PM - 01:55 PM


"MetaTr@versal: A Day in the Life" | A Play About Humanity in the Metaverse!

Ben Erwin | The Polys - WebXR Awards

Julie Smithson | MetaVRse

Rolando Masís-Obando | Johns Hopkins University

Christi Fenison | Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design

Austin Cause Caine | Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design

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Karen Alexander | XR Women

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Sophia Moshasha | VR/AR Association

Dulce Baerga | Dulce Dotcom

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant | Virtual World Society

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Evo Heyning | Realitycraft

Damon Hernandez | Mixx Reality

Neil Trevett | Khronos Group

Dulce Baerga | Dulce Dotcom

Christopher Lafayette | GatherVerse

Ali Daniali | HRVSTS

Terry Schussler | Deutsche Telekom AG

Jun 2

04:40 PM - 05:30 PM


Metaversities: Higher Education of the Future Here and Now

Monica Arés | Th3 Third Door

Karen Alexander | XR Women

Steve Grubbs | VictoryXR

Cerilenne Menendez Mendoza | T-Mobile

Muhsinah Morris | Morehouse College