Serafin Diaz
VP of XR XCOM Labs

XCOM Labs Vice President of Multimedia and Applications Serafin Diaz is a brilliant engineer and multimedia whiz who previously acted as Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm leading XR Research. His work in XR started in 2007 when he jump-started the first Augmented Reality project. This project produced core real time Computer Vision technology which enabled not only XR but also became foundational to projects in robotics and autonomous driving. The inside-out 6DoF head tracking technology showcased in Qualcomm’s VR HMD reference design is an example of such technology. Serafin’s work influenced new generations of HW accelerators in Qualcomm’s SoCs.He also led a variety of projects in areas concerning 2G CDMA data systems, test automation platforms for wireless devices, physical layer system integration and test for 1xEVDO as well as projects which laid down core technology for wireless VoIP and Video Telephony systems.He holds more than 60 active and pending US patents. Additionally, he has been recognized as one of the 20 most influential Latinos in tech in 2017 and 2018.


Jun 3

10:40 AM - 11:05 AM


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Serafin Diaz | XCOM Labs