Wendy Sherman
Curator Art Slave

Wendy Sherman is Art Slave Curatorial: Independent Curator and Arts Manager, I wear many hats. From 2018-2019 I managed, organized and coordinated XR exhibitions at sp[a]ce gallery (Pasadena, CA) featuring curators Jesse Damiani "Spatial Reality," Paisley Smith "Robot Remix XR," and Sutu "Prosthetic Reality." Beginning in 2020 I began working with EyeJack (AR app) on coordinating events and biz dev. I managed (EyeJack co-founder) Sutu’s booth for DesignerCon in 2019 and 2021. Since the great pandemic of 2020, I have been immersed in all things NFT, and have been working with XR Women as a team member coordinating speakers for weekly meetings, and also have been busy co-chairing the Femme Futures VR Grant at Artizen. Lately I have been hosting events in the Metaverse with Big Rock Creative and I have some interesting projects in the works, just not able to announce them yet!



May 22

04:42 PM - 05:12 PM

AWE USA 2022 Track Chairs

Robert Cazier | Hewlett-Packard

Jonathan Klein | PropTech Consulting

David De Cristofaro | Hypebot

Leonard Daly | Daly Realism

Raymond Mosco | HTC Vive

Alex Goldberg | Blue Origin

Lauren Domingo | HP

Finn Staber | Chicken Waffle LLC

Kristin Glushon | Trigger

Lori H. Schwartz | StoryTech

Brianna Havlik | HP

Clay Walsh | The Wild

Dane Laughlin | Koch Industries

Ashley Huffman | TITAN Haptics

Stefanie Hutka | Meta

Lauren Lemieux | BUNDLAR

Christine Hobbi | Plexus Worldwide

Ginna Lambert | VArtisans

Jarret Flack | HP

Lance Anderson | Lance-AR


Estella Tse | Estella Tse, LLC

Heli Uusitalo | HP

Wendy Sherman | Art Slave