Ofer Baharav
CEO Villa

Ofer is a serial entrepreneur in b2b and b2c communications platforms, currently heading the popular VR application Villa, a Metaverse creation & collaboration platform with half a million users in VR. Ofer's vision for Villa: 'As good as Westworld and indistinguishable from reality by 2030'. He is convinced that already today communications in VR are multiples more effective and productive than IRL or videoconferencing alone, by upgrading reality digitally in immersion and leveraging productivity with AI. With a commitment to maximizing value to users given today's shortage of innovative content in XR - inviting all XR and UE game producers, creators, performers, software providers and thought leaders to get in touch about collaboration opportunities to drive quality and value in XR.


Jun 2

03:40 PM - 05:10 PM


Startup Pitch Competition: Part 2

Dave Haynes | FOV Ventures

Ofer Baharav | Villa

Tipatat Chennavasin | The Venture Reality Fund

David A. Smith | Croquet

Pearly Chen | HTC Vive

Giovanni Fantoni Modena Fantoni Fantoni | Vitruvian

Ariella Lehrer | Legacy Games

Amber Hawkes | Here LA

Dominique Wu | XReality Academy

Sherry Chang | Neural Lab

Alex Coulombe | Heavenue / Agile Lens

Chaitanya Ravi | SentioVR

Quentin Turner | Intrinsic XR

Kristina Serafim | Verizon Ventures