The Great Debate: Generative AI Will Change the World, For Better or Worse

Jun 2

11:35 AM - 12:30 PM


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Founder , Virtual Events Group
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder , Subtext
CEO and Chief Scientist , Unanimous AI
President , Rethink Next
CEO / Co-Founder , WaveAI

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Jun 1

01:00 PM - 01:25 PM


We often think of mixed reality as blurring the lines between reality and fiction - and do that effectively, developers have long battled to make virtual and augmented worlds more realistic and immersive. Significant progress has been made in displays, haptics, motion tracking, and graphics, but what role does generative AI have to play? And how can developers leverage AI to unlock a new frontier in mixed reality?

AI-driven characters will pave the way for new forms of entertainment, education, and communication. Join Inworld and our partners Niantic and Liquid City in a discussion on developing mixed reality experiences with intelligent characters.


Head of Business, Platform & AR Headsets , Niantic
General Partner , Brave Capital
Director , Liquid City
CPO , Inworld AI
Jun 1

01:30 PM - 01:55 PM


IEEE Future Directions drives efforts on current, new and emerging technologies for humans and the digital world. Hear about the latest initiative on the metaverse and how IEEE is advancing and navigating in this space.


Future Directions Senior Program Director , IEEE
Vice Chair, IEEE Future Directions , IEEE
Co-Founder , Xmark Labs
Distinguished Technologist , Hewlett Packard Labs
Jun 1

02:00 PM - 02:25 PM


With a proven 20-plus year customer track record of daily use in mission critical health and military applications globally, 3dMD’s dynamic-4D capture systems are providing the same ‘near-ground truth’ 3D images and high-throughput workflows to its tech sector customers. 3dMD captures natural human actions, behaviors, gestures, nuances, etc., thus personalizing ‘ground-truth’ people into ‘near-ground truth’ digital-3D interpretation input for Web3.0. This talk explores the true economic benefits of baselining with a ‘near-ground truth’ digital-3D Doppelganger population and how this can create derivative avatar market opportunities beyond gaming, entertainment, and social media interactions.


Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer , 3dMD
Co-Founder, CEO, & Chief Technology Officer , 3dMD
Jun 1

02:30 PM - 02:55 PM


Ericsson Digital Human enables the next generation of connected, human experiences.

Make language universal with EDH AI video dubbing (Dub Sync). Dub Sync leverages the power of AI to seamlessly dub video of any speaker with audio in any language, bridging the gap better than ever between audiences across the world. Imagine a new world of possibilities for virtual conferencing, live events and content localization. Dub Sync is the first in a family of products purposed with enhancing the connections of today with the technologies of tomorrow.


VP, Strategic Partners and Ecosystem , Ericsson
Head of Research - Ericsson Digital Human , Ericsson
Jun 1

03:00 PM - 03:25 PM


In this thought provoking talk we follow the story of John Henry, a character known for his incredible strength and stamina, as he competes against a steam drill powered by artificial intelligence in a high-stakes race to build AI powered XR applications, platforms and even reshape society.

Together we probe critical questions on AI generation of art, music, code, and more.

1. How do these AI tools affect XR creation?
2. What new kinds of applications and services do AI tools unlock?
3. How does AI support new opportunities to scale?
4. What are new kinds of AI enabled business models?
5. What concerns should we have about the rapid deployment of AI to change society?

ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, Copilot, Lensa, and 3D XR Asset Creation are just the beginning.

Will AI eat our reality?

Join us as we consider the age-old question of what happens when technology surpasses humanity's abilities in the race to build a new XR reality and how it fundamentally changes our existing one.


President , Xeodesign Inc