AWE Playground

The AWE Playground is our 20,000 square foot AR+VR experience center featuring jaw-dropping, highly immersive and interactive demos not seen under one roof anywhere else (think more Theme Park than Trade show Expo). 

All experiences will be either a premiere, launch or an exclusive creation for the AWE Playground and will offer an experience that leverages working technology in an engaging, fun and exciting fashion that is ready for a high throughput.

Join us in the AWE Playground in Hall D of the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Hope for Haiti

If we can't bring everyone to Haiti, can we bring Haiti to everyone?
Travel to Haiti and explore a digital twin of an actual school in the rural countryside. Run through the classrooms, write on the chalkboard, raise and lower the Haitian flag, pump water from a well, and wander through a beautiful and immersive Haitian landscape - all in VR.


The most fun and immersive way to walk in Virtual Reality with no limits… VR Shoes let you walk naturally in VR across infinite distances and in any direction, while keeping you safely inside a small area. Be one of the first to try!


OWO Game is the new revolutionary haptic technology! Wireless, adaptable and customizable with more than 30 sensations to feel video games, movies and much more. Discover the future of haptic vests and let’s #FeelTheGame


STYLY premieres immersive and interactive MR with a live music performance at the AWE Playground Booth #5. Mobile devices will transport AWE attendees into a portal to Shibuya Crossing, demonstrating the new possibilities of STYLY City XR Entertainment.


Gather your friends, enter the arena and challenge the gods! With over 1400 teams and 5000 players, the ARcade Sports tribe is growing fast. Inspired by world mythologies, ARcade Sports fuses videogames and physical activity in thrilling AR battles with real-time video streams.


VRWorkout is an engaging virtual reality experience that offers a customizable fitness and wellness regimen for individuals and communities. Come immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality session where you are guided by cues in a game where, before you know it, you've done an invigorating workout. Move your body alone or join a multi-player virtual room.

Enjoy VRWorkout fitness and wellness innovation that is flexible, personalized, good habit forming, and a community movement. See why people are raving about VRWorkout as one of the newest apps now available for free in the Oculus store.


Introducing EyeJack X: an interoperable XR platform that is set to change the way artists create, share and sell XR art. Debuting at AWE, featuring a curated exhibition of immersive XR art from a world-class artist lineup.

Big Rock Creative

This groundbreaking experience will transport participants into a captivating and fully explorable digital 3D model of the Center Camp area of the renowned Burning Man event. As individuals delve deeper into this engaging environment, they will become engulfed by 360 video spheres, which artfully tell the narrative story of Black Rock City and its unique culture and ethos. In collaboration with Spatial Ape, HTC, and Unity.


Located in Warwickshire in England, Reality in virtual reality (RiVR) is a developer of Virtual Reality assets in both 360 video, stereoscopic video (3d) and photorealistic virtual reality experiences which offer immersive training & experiences for all industries.

Over the last five years RiVR has become a global brand with its products being used in over thirty countries primarily in the blue light services arena. The RiVR Link Classroom in a box, provides synchronised classroom learning and allows the end user client to become their own VR company by use of the RiVR field shooting kit. This allows contextual and rapid content creation. The US Department of Defence, The Department of Homeland Security, UK military services and Government are among some of the iconic brands transforming development in their organisations through RiVR innovation.


Pop Up Gaming (PUG) is a unique live interactive experience marrying social interaction with immersive virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. We are excited to preview a taste of our touring VR/AR/XR Broadway Vaudeville style show coming in 2024.

Our showcase includes our one-of-a-kind AR Holo Hot Seat and cutting-edge AR experiences from our amazing best-in-industry partners. Please come check us out!


DROP IN THE OCEAN, a shared VR adventure, brings audiences to the deepest parts of the Ocean to reveal the secrets to our survival on land. Far beyond the shore, there is an invisible ocean full of mystery and wonder - crucial to our very existence, yet under extreme threat from changes to our climate and undeniable human impact.

DROP IN THE OCEAN will shrink you down to the size of plankton to witness a very different perspective of the fight to protect our planet’s most precious resource.


Behind every decision is a human story. The Choice is a VR documentary about maternal health and reproductive rights that blends techniques from traditional documentary storytelling, volumetric video capture, and animation.

It's an incredibly timely and relevant exploration of the importance of reproductive rights, especially given the recent Supreme Court ruling revoking Roe v Wade and effectively banning abortion across much of the United States.


MIT Reality Hack will showcase demos of projects from the hack and give space for the community to connect. Experience a microcosm of what happens at the hack and discover why we attract diverse talent and companies for “the best XR hackathon ever”!


PatchWorld is a platform designed to build and share interactive music worlds. Dig into a complete collection of interchangeable blocks that blend music and visuals with gesture and interaction in real-time.

Or, if you want to relax and play around, enter our growing library and load up User Generated Content. Powered by an engine that champions musical experience with fantastic worlds, fanciful instruments, and full-immersion live shows. It combines the visual experience gaming with the emotional power of music. It’s ready to play from the moment you enter - but deep enough to let you build anything you can imagine.


Virtual Reality Immersion rig. The EXIT SUIT is a full-body force-feedback navigation and performance suit for VR. The EXIT SUIT could be cut by anywhere in the world at relatively low cost. The EXIT SUIT is easy to assemble at home with basic tools

The EXIT SUIT drawings are easy to modify and customise at home. The EXIT SUIT system is modular: force-feedback limbs, base motor drives and other features can be added and taken away.


From the team that builds and supports over 150 four seat virtual reality motion simulators at Dave & Buster's across the country, comes a cutting edge virtual reality experience for entertainment venues of any size and budget.

The Talon Vortex is the turn key arcade cabinet of the future featuring over 30 competitive experiences including race cars, roller coasters and fighter jets. Various card readers are supported on the Vortex platform in order to accept payments of various forms and our proprietary virtual user interface allows the guest to easily select their experience within the headset. This allows the system to be operated with one attendant for multiple systems and limits overhead costs of operation.


The Halo AR platform has already enabled 100k creators to create their own AR experiences across 200+ countries around the world, from animated magazine covers to holographic museum exhibits. Stop by to catch a glimpse of the Real-World Metaverse under construction today, accessible anywhere from the mobile device in your pocket to the next-gen AR glasses of tomorrow!


Take world building to another level! Pull up mountains and carve out river valleys with your hands to sculpt the terrain. Craft water features with a flick of your wrist and sprinkle trees and rocks with your fingers to bring your AR world to life


ARHT is a pioneering global leader in live hologram technology. ARHT captures, transmits and beams presenters as lifelike holograms to appear remotely in one or multiple places at once and deliver memorable interactions with an in-person audience.

Be there as a hologram.

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