AWE Playground

The AWE Playground is our 20,000 square foot AR+VR experience center featuring jaw-dropping, highly immersive and interactive demos not seen under one roof anywhere else (think more Theme Park than Trade show Expo). 

All experiences will be either a premiere, launch or an exclusive creation for the AWE Playground and will offer an experience that leverages working technology in an engaging, fun and exciting fashion that is ready for a high throughput.

Join us in the AWE Playground in Hall D of the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Hope for Haiti

Travel to Haiti in VR! Explore a three room school, write on the chalkboard, pump the water well, raise the Haitian flag and explore an immersive and vibrant landscape - all while learning more about the country and the work of Hope for Haiti.


The most fun and immersive way to walk in Virtual Reality with no limits… VR Shoes let you walk naturally in VR across infinite distances and in any direction, while keeping you safely inside a small area. Be one of the first to try!


OWO Game is the new revolutionary haptic technology! Wireless, adaptable and customizable with more than 30 sensations to feel video games, movies and much more. Discover the future of haptic vests and let’s #FeelTheGame


STYLY is a globally renowned leader in XR and Smart City solutions, initiating our future of hybrid technologies. STYLY’s VR/AR/MR platform is used to create and experience spaces and installations that visualise imagination without any constraints.

The Garden of Choices

In Garden of Choices, people learn to debate climate change issues and are left with a feeling of hope for our climate future.

Vitruvian VR

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, Vitruvian VR® is a 360 degrees gyroscopic simulator allowing high performance and reactivity for both Professional Training and Entertainment.


A software house dedicated to fulfilling the promise of art and music in the age of Mix Realities. Embodied Visual Music.

AWE will provide the space. You provide an out of this world experience. Interested? Apply below.