Unlocking Real-Time Ray Tracing for Mixed Reality with NVIDIA Omniverse and Varjo

Jun 1

04:30 PM - 04:55 PM


Join NVIDIA and Varjo as we unveil the next giant leap in immersive computing.

Real-time ray tracing is the holy grail of 3D visualization, as it allows engineers, designers and creators to experience in high-fidelity 3D scenes and objects while seeing every reflection, shadow, and light as they would in real life. Before now, rendering true-to-life mixed reality scenes with real-time ray tracing has not been possible due to the graphically demanding compute requirements.

In this talk, for the first time, NVIDIA and Varjo will demonstrate real-time ray tracing capabilities in human-eye resolution mixed reality, with never-before-seen visual quality, due to combined technological breakthroughs from both companies. With NVIDIA’s Omniverse, the leading platform for 3D collaboration and workflows, and Varjo XR-3, the most immersive XR headset on the planet, users can unlock real-time ray tracing for mixed reality environments due to the combination of a powerful multi-GPU setup and Varjo’s photorealistic visual fidelity.

In a joint presentation, NVIDIA and Varjo will dive deep into the technical achievement and how this new level of mixed reality visualization can unlock unprecedented value for industrial metaverse users across design, engineering, entertainment, and virtual collaboration.


Immersive Lab Engineer / Visualization Specialist , General Motors
Director of Partnerships , Varjo Technologies
Sr Product Designer, Omniverse , NVIDIA

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May 31

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM


Soon, we will be able to use 5G and visual positioning system (VPS) technology to create immersive applications in a city-scale environment. Such dynamic XR applications on city scale will rely on extreme wireless performance and network awareness. Jasmeet and Matias will emphasize and explain how Ericsson is collaborating with the XR startup ecosystem and players like Immersal via its Startup5G program to help creators and brands understand wireless network capabilities and to scale up these applications and create a vibrant XR ecosystem that can drive economic growth and enhance the user experience for everyone. They will also describe the interesting business potential of technology like 5G and VPS for location-based services, such as navigation and advertising in real world metaverse.


CEO , Immersal
Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab , Ericsson
May 31

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM


Join the RP1 team to find out how to build your immersive applications faster and deploy instantly to a global audience. Discover how RP1’s new integrated service and protocol architecture delivers a massively multi-user metaverse. Learn how real-time scale and streamable content pipeline enables you to start developing easily.

The RP1 team will show how developers use early-access SDK to create their own tools, services and immersive experiences that already support 100,000 simultaneous VR users in a single, shared world. And how you, too, can get multiplayer and spatial audio out of the box without the restrictions of current siloed platforms.


System Architect , Rp1
CEO & Co-founder , Rp1
May 31

01:25 PM - 01:50 PM


With various companies announcing their support for WebXR, there is an acute need to understand its advantages and disadvantages. How does performance and visual fidelity compare? How do you monetize? Can you even build big projects on the web?

In their talk, Jonathan Hale, CEO & founder of Wonderland, and Lydia Berry, COO of “The Fitness Resort” will answer your pressing questions about VR, AR and MR on the web.


CEO & Founder , Wonderland Engine
Chief Operations Officer , The Fitness Resort
May 31

01:55 PM - 02:20 PM


Creating a new reality with Snapdragon Powered Devices: Join Said Bakadir, Sr Director of XR Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. as he leads a lively discussion with XR OEMs about the challenges they face and the successes they have achieved in XR.


Director of XR Technology , OPPO
Sr. Director, Product Management , Qualcomm
VP, Sales and Marketing , DigiLens
General Manager, XR & Metaverse , Lenovo
May 31

02:25 PM - 02:50 PM


The AR landscape allows us to create unique experiences, but sometimes, we face platform limitations and constraints. Over the years we learned that it doesn’t mean having a lesser result. Your AR experiences could even be greater if you pick the right battles to fight.

We will go over a few projects from The Electric Factory that showcases how shaders, UV tricks, and procedural animations could add more value to your experiences.

We will dive into Talita Hoffman’s project, a 20 feet mural at Meta’s Brazil office with nine fully animated spaces living together in a single AR Filter. With the help of custom-built shaders and procedural animation, we delivered this experience under 3.7 MB with sound design included.

We will also revisit the SpaceJam AR project, a fully animated 360 panorama with 15 animated characters. With procedural animations and a series of UV tricks, we delivered an engaging experience under 1.7 MB with outstanding results.

Let us show you how to augment your reality with the best hacks in the business.


Creative Technologist Officer , The Electric Factory | Creative Innovation Company
Client Solutions Manager , Meta