Dean Abramson
Co-Founder & Chief Architect Metaversal

When it comes to building software, Dean is obsessed with optimization. He’s spent more than thirty years architecting and coding software applications and enterprise-level systems, and nearly the last decade fine tuning a futuristic, ultra-scalable, real-time platform that offers a multiple order of magnitude advantage for gaming systems.

Dean’s experience in gaming began as the Chief Architect of Full Tilt Poker where he created the world’s most efficient real-time, unsharded, persistent gaming architecture that could support more than one hundred thousand concurrent players on turn-of-the-century technology. This system served as the archetype for his current gaming platform.

Dean’s passion with the Metaverse started only recently when putting on a VR headset for the very first time. He immediately understood that VR was the future of computing. As a latecomer to the world of virtual reality, Dean wasted little time catching up – consuming every piece of information he could find about the technology, leading him straight into the Metaverse. It quickly became evident that a true Metaverse would require orders of magnitude improvement over existing gaming technology, which could be achieved with an adaptation of Metaversal’s current gaming architecture. RP1 was born. Dean is a Founder and the Chief Architect at Metaversal. He is responsible for the research, design, and architecture behind the technology.


May 31

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM


Building for the Single Billion-User Metaverse

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