Amy LaMeyer
Managing Partner WXR Fund

Amy LaMeyer is Managing Partner at the WXR Fund a venture fund investing in early stage companies are transforming business and human interaction using spatial computing (VR/AR) and AI. Our entire portfolio is comprised of female founders and gender diverse teams across industries including retail, healthcare, training, remote work, real estate and education.

Amy is the author of ‘Sound and AR’ in the book “Convergence: How the World will be Painted with Data”. She has been interviewed by Wired magazine on virtual concerts. Amy often speaks and writes on immersive music trends, and has participated in several podcasts on the opportunities of spatial computing and virtual music experiences.

Amy is also a mentor and angel investor in several music tech start-ups.


May 31

02:45 PM - 03:30 PM


Intersection of AI and the Metaverse: What's Next?

Alvin Wang Graylin | HTC

Amy LaMeyer | WXR Fund

Tony Parisi | Lamina1

Kent Bye | Voices of VR Podcast