Lucian Gheorghe
CCS UX Innovation Senior Manager Nissan

I brand myself as an Experience Choreographer.

I create a new idea every month, a new research project every half a year and build a new team each year.

A large perspective not only on the technology side but also on brand and market needs let me easily build accurate corporate-level technology direction recommendations.

A very good motivator for both my teams but also external partners with an impressive worldwide network.

A very good public speaker that was invited to give several keynotes (World VR Summit, World AI Summit, conferences, seminars, etc) had also handled great results media demos and presentations (appeared on most of the TV stations worldwide).

Brings the naturally high energy levels, well trained Japanese attention to details, combined with a great sense of anticipation make a highly successful technology leader.


Jun 2

01:35 PM - 02:30 PM


The Ultimate Tech Trifecta: AI, 5G, and XR Join Forces to Reshape the Digital World

Joana Flor | Inworld AI

Lucian Gheorghe | Nissan

Jason Yim | Trigger XR

Niko Chauls | Verizon