Christine Hobbi
Consultant/Designer Plexus Worldwide

Christine is an Instructional Designer, creating curriculum for Brand Ambassadors at Plexus Worldwide, Inc. She is also the founder of ServiceAlliances, a training design organization that specializes in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and

Extended Reality.

In 2003, Christine co-founded ServiceElements, a corporate training organization that specializes in “core skills” training and curriculum development/delivery globally. Topics include organizational development, customer service, communications, teamwork, leadership, diversity/inclusion, empowerment, executive coaching, etc. Customers include Fortune 50 and 100 companies in a variety of industries including aviation/aerospace, IT, banking, healthcare, construction, hospitality, real estate, call centers and OEMs.

Christine is part of the leadership of XRWomen and is passionate about

encouraging women to engage and develop skills in future technologies including VR, AR and extended reality fields. She has also been adjunct professor of business topics at Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix, Arizona.