Johan Hanegraaf
Co-Founder & Head of Product Arkio

Johan is Co-founder & Head of Product at Arkio, a unique collaborative design tool for architects and other spatial designers to create buildings, interiors and urban plans together using VR, AR, desktop and mobile devices. Arkio integrates with existing architectural software making it easier to import models, try out new design ideas together and export your work back to other CAD/BIM tools.

Prior to Arkio, Johan worked as an architect and engineer for +15 years. Recognition of his projects at Mecanoo architects and design technology innovations using BIM, computational design and AR/VR made him a frequent speaker at industry conferences around the world. He strongly believes that immersive technologies can make our design tools more intuitive, collaborative and fun.


Jun 1

04:35 PM - 05:30 PM


Creating Beyond the Metaverse: Innovations in Design, Collaboration, and Storytelling

Inga Petryaevskaya | ShapesXR

Lesley Klassen | Flipside XR

Kiira Benzing | Double Eye Studios

Johan Hanegraaf | Arkio