Jason McGuigan
Head of Virtual Reality Lenovo

Jason McGuigan is the Head of Commercial Virtual Reality at Lenovo. He is responsible for the organization’s current and future strategy for developing VR solutions across hardware, software, and partnerships. His focus is on driving enterprises to scale their adoption of VR in training, collaboration, and metaverse presence. Jason has over 20 years of experience in immersive and traditional media leadership and technology. Within the software realm, he has led, designed, created, directed, and produced high-quality VR experiences and media products for clients including Lenovo, National Geographic, IBM, The Home Depot, BASF, Disney, and many others. A deep understanding of the hardware and technology behind VR started over 35 years ago when he built his first PC. It has continued to evolve throughout the early days of immersive technology as he consulted on VR hardware solutions for many companies such as Gulfstream and General Motors. He is a regular speaker, thought leader, and advocate in the VR/AR space and has presented at industry conferences as well as unique venues like Skywalker Ranch and NASA.


May 31

01:25 PM - 01:50 PM