Yin-Chien Yinch Yeap
System Architect Rp1

Yin-Chien "Yinch" Yeap joined RP1 because he saw that it was building a platform to solve the toughest problems in making scalable and affordable real-time 3D apps. With 30 years of experience creating intuitive world-building tools, Yinch is RP1's experience architect, bringing the potential of limitless virtual worlds to millions of people from casual users to seasoned creatives. Through building on a uniquely scalable platform, RP1 is making a metaverse for everyone, full of social, commercial and cultural opportunity.

Yinch has been driven by the vision of interactive 3D environments created by users and accessible to all since the 1990s, when VR was in its infancy. After studying at Imperial College London, he entered the industry as a multimedia and games programmer, including working as lead developer on a Nintendo64 project for Mindscape. In 2001, Yinch founded software development company Playko, whose highly visual, multi-user experiences are found in fitness, aviation training and education applications.


May 31

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM


Building for the Single Billion-User Metaverse

Yin-Chien Yinch Yeap | Rp1

Sean Mann | Rp1