Tim Ventura
Enterprise Account Executive Holo-Light

Tim Ventura’s breadth of experience and body of work across the Finite Element simulation, visualization and XR space has produced game changing results through his partnerships and collaborations surrounding the cutting-edge technologies developed in the emerging XR market. Working primarily in manufacturing centered around design prototyping and training, Tim’s current role at Holo-Light as Sr Sales Director Americas has enabled strong collaborations across industrial manufacturing and Defense organizations.

Early in his professional career, Tim worked in several early-stage startups focused on advancing technology in the environmental construction space. From these endeavors evolved the passion for using visualization as a means of explaining the complex in a simple, high-fidelity manner. This included state of the art equipment modifications to visualizing computational fluid dynamics simulations to evaluate, estimate, and sell optimized design modifications on existing large scale environmental impact projects.

In 2004, Tim joined ESI, a French software company specializing in physics simulation, enabling customers in the US APAC, the EU and LATAM in a wide range of projects. After settling into this space, Tim found the opportunity to again use visualization as an educational and training tool by working with OEM’s in Aerospace and automotive to develop their 3D cave and power wall installations and applications across North and South America using a wide range of software and hardware technologies.

In 2013, Tim developed a collaborative partnership with Honda R&D US and RTT/Dassault that brought LS Dyna Crash simulation results to life using real-time rendering. This effort won a global innovation award and resulted in the customer demand for the high-fidelity visualizations of physics results across a wide range of industries.  

Tim spent almost 20 years coaching and consulting in competitive gymnastics throughout the US as his three daughters were growing up in the sport. Now he spends his free time spoiling his grandkids and boating on the Gulf of Mexico.


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