Sasha Wallinger
Founder Blockchain Style Lab

Sasha is a C-Suite Executive, who has led marketing communications strategies, influencing pop-culture trends combining fashion, sustainability, and technology for over a decade. A curator and futurist, she has connected physical, digital, and virtual experiences at global brands, agencies, and start-ups, in-house at H&M, Nike, SOREL, Superplastic, and agency side, at HAVAS. Her Web3 journey began in 2015, when she founded Blockchain Style Lab, to use blockchain data to inform design and transparency and build community in the wearable fashion space. This has evolved to launching NFT, gaming, and metaverse solutions for heritage brands entering the Web 2.5 space. Sasha has been invited to speak globally at CES, New York, London, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks, Economist Impact, SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, Web Summit, House of Beautiful Business and translating Web3 on podcasts and media interviews.