Kip Haynes
Sr. Creative Technologist Lowe's

Kip Haynes is a seasoned technologist, researcher, and innovator, driven by a passion to learn how we can use technology to help us become “more human”. Currently, Kip serves as a Senior Creative Technologist at Lowe's Innovation Lab, where he collaborates with other engineers and researchers to explore the intersection of technology and home improvement. His work emphasizes the application of robotics, AI & machine learning, computer vision, XR, and Spatial Computing in creating innovative solutions. 

Before joining Lowe's, Kip made significant contributions at IKEA Digital Lab, where he played a pivotal role in prototyping 3D and spatially driven applications. His research was focused on enhancing the IKEA customer experience, particularly in the context of home and home furnishings.  Kip's expertise spans a wide range of areas, including smart home/IoT, autonomous drones & robotics, human-computer interfaces, haptics, computer vision, and AI. He has served as Technical Director for several creative agencies in Los Angeles and was a technical researcher at USC’s Creative Institute for Technologies for over 10 years. Kip is known for being a thoughtful engineer with a sincere interest in developing technology that can help us understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us while embracing transparency and authenticity as a value.


Jun 1

02:35 PM - 03:30 PM


Beyond Sight & Sound: Multisensory Experiences for Consumer Engagement

Laura Kusumoto | Creator

Jacquelyn Morie | All These Worlds, LLC

Linda Jacobson | HaptX

Tom Carter | Ultraleap

Kip Haynes | Lowe's