Alexis Zerafa
AR Artist and Creative Technologist The Mill

Alexis Zerafa is a fabricator, mostly AR, sometimes pottery - critters and iridescence are almost always involved. She has created AR experiences for an array of brands, and is also an experimental mixed-media artist. 

Her medium of choice spans and fluctuates across visual design, physical fabrication, videography, and 3D modeling, and unites under a passion for augmented reality. She strives to create digital experiences with a haptic feel, and physical experiences with digital qualities of wonder and otherworldliness. 

Her work and voice are constantly changing and grows and evolves as she does. Above all, she wants to spread wonder and incite potent curiosity.


Jun 2

10:00 AM - 11:10 AM


AR Lightning Round

Manuel Borrero | Universe AR

Alexis Zerafa | The Mill

Celine Park | ByteDance

Paige Piskin | White Glove Media

Nuno Folhadela | ONTOP

Isabelle Udo | videOrbit Studio

Julia Roga | Julia Roga AR

Nadia Tamez | Synergy Studio

Michael Guerin | Imvizar