Darya Sesitskaya
Co-founder & CEO Shader

Darya Sesitskaya is the Co-founder and CEO of Shader, a new AI-enhanced social camera. Shader is a tool that simplifies the creation of AR filters for content creators using generative AI. Technical team consists of AR & AI engineers from Oculus, Pinata Farms, and WANNABY. Team have built an MVP but are now raising to build their full vision which will allow users to generate augmented reality filters with their voice in a live camera. 

Prior to this, Darya was on the founding team of WANNABY (acquired by Farfetch), which created some of the first ML-powered AR fashion lenses - the tech is still the core behind Snap’s try-on lenses. She diversified WANNABY's extensive range of client-centered services and secured long-term strategic partnerships with Apple, Gucci, Product Hunt, Adidas, and Snapchat, among others. 

After that, she joined Snap to lead design on the AR creator tool Lens Studio.

Darya, originally from Belarus, holds a Mass Communication degree from the European Humanitarian University in Vilnius, Lithuania. She has received national and international recognition for her work, including awards such as Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards and Cannes Lions.


Jun 1

02:05 PM - 03:20 PM


Start-Up Pitch Competition: Part 1

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