April Swando Hu
Co Founder & COO VRWorkout

Born and bred in America and Taiwan, April is bicultural and bilingual in Western and Chinese environments. Over the past 30 years in Asia, April draws from her science background and corporate foundation to democratize access to education, exercise, energy, water, etc..

Recovering from a recent personal health challenge, April leverages her 5-year VR business experience to facilitate adherence to exercise. She co-founded VRWorkout ( which was launched on Oculus Store in March 2023 to excellent user reviews. This start-up continues April’s experiences to pioneer new markets with technology over the past decades, including: largest hybrid-learning MBA in Asia, biggest international consortium of universities to offer online degrees, and leadership and team profiling using VR.

In the non-profit sector, coming from a long lineage of educators, April founded Zigen Fund Hong Kong ( to help offer 130,000 scholarships to girls in rural China. Alsoin the reset year of 2021, April co-founded NINEby9 ( conducting research regarding working women in Asia.

April holds a Yale BSc Electrical Engineering and Stanford MBA. Raising 4 children, based in Singapore, she spends her spare time ocean paddling and coaching of Stanford Women Circles.


Jun 1

02:05 PM - 03:20 PM


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