Michael Running Wolf
Founder & Technical Director McGill University

Michael Running Wolf (Northern Cheyenne/Lakota/Blackfeet) was raised in a rural prairie village in Montana with intermittent water and electricity; naturally he has a Master’s of Science in Computer Science, is a former engineer for Amazon’s Alexa, former faculty at Northeastern University, and is pursuing a PhD in CS at McGill University. Michael is researching Indigenous language and culture reclamation using immersive technologies (AR/VR) and artificial intelligence. His work has been awarded a MIT Solve Fellowship, the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, and the Patrick McGovern AI for Humanity Prize. Through the ethical application of AI and advanced technology respecting Indigenous ways of knowing he is contributing to the ecology of thought represented by the Indigenous.


Jun 1

01:00 PM - 01:25 PM


How XR and AI can be Used to Reclaim Indigenous Languages

Michael Running Wolf | McGill University

Caroline Running Wolf | University of British Columbia