Dijam Panigrahi
Co-Founder/COO GridRaster

Dijam, as the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Grid Raster Inc., spearheads the

company's business expansion, marketing strategies, and partnership initiatives. With a

remarkable career spanning more than 20 years, Dijam has a proven track record in developing,

deploying, and commercializing a wide range of immersive XR, mobile and network-based

products across diverse markets.

Being deeply passionate about technology's transformative potential, Dijam finds excitement in the disruption it brings to traditional norms, particularly the evolving dynamics of our interactions with the world. His interest is specifically piqued by the fusion of mobile technology, AR/VR, cloud computing, and AI, all of which are revolutionizing various facets of our daily lives.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey with Grid Raster, Dijam held a variety of engineering, product, and business roles at Texas Instruments, Freescale Semiconductor, and HCL. These experiences not only honed his technical acumen but also shaped his business vision.


Jun 2

09:00 AM - 09:25 AM