Rich Beaudrie
Learning & Development, Digital Learning Chick-fil-A

Rich has spent his entire 20-year career as a lifelong learner and professional educator. His passion for helping others grow and transforming the way we design learning experiences began as a fifth-grade teacher in Milan, MI. These passions led to a career in corporate learning, innovation, and strategy, working for major corporations to small start-ups. For the last ten years, he has been a student of how the workplace and our learners are changing due to the rapid acceleration of change driven by advances in technology, and most recently, Covid 19. Rich currently serves as the Principal Program Lead, Digital Learning in Learning & Development at Chick-fil-A, supporting Staff-facing learning and Digital Innovation. He and his wife Bethany live in Canton, GA with their two teenage children and dog Charlie.


May 31

11:00 AM - 11:55 AM


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