Michael Potts
Prize Winner M2 Studio

Michael Potts is a multi-faceted designer and Holographic Architect with a degree in Architecture and an emphasis on advanced visualization technology, he is capable of not only creatively inventing new designs but highly qualified to generate custom presentations and VR/AR experiences, environments, and animated stories to allow businesses to experience the designs and ideas in a whole new way.


Jan 30

04:09 AM - 04:39 AM

XR Virtual Collaboration Workshop

Nanette Martinez | Qualcomm

Christina Kinne | XaosPrincess

Charlie Fink | Forbes

Jason Marsh | Flow Immersive

Philip Rosedale | Linden Lab

Brianna Scully | Spatial

Anne McKinnon | Ristband

Michael DiBenigno | Flow Immersive

Nathan C Bowser | Streem

Chris Madsen | Immersive VR Education

Devon Copley | AVATOUR by Imeve

Maya Komadina | Virbela

Amy Peck | Endeavor VR

Gabe Baker | Virbela

Michael Potts | M2 Studio