Anne McKinnon
Cofounder & CEO Ristband

Anne is cofounder and COO of music and gaming platform Ristband. As an operations expert and marketing strategist she supports startups through growth and acquisition. As a journalist, Anne covers the cutting edge of developments across the metaverse. Anne is a contributor to Forbes writer Charlie Fink’s book “Convergence” on 5G and AR. She also frequently writes about what the future may hold on her blog Anne is a sought after speaker, hosting global conference sessions and seminars related to Web 3 topics across markets, culture and content. 


Oct 4

01:07 PM - 01:37 PM

XR Virtual Collaboration Workshop


Steve Lukas | Qualcomm

Christina Kinne | XaosPrincess

Jason Marsh | Flow Immersive

Brianna Scully | Spatial

Anne McKinnon | Ristband

Michael DiBenigno | Flow Immersive

Nathan C Bowser | Streem

Chris Madsen | Immersive VR Education

Devon Copley | AVATOUR by Imeve

Maya Komadina | Virbela

Amy Peck | Endeavor VR

Gabe Baker | Virbela

Philip Rosedale | High Fidelity

Michael Potts | M2 Studio