Yulia Lápicus
XR Designer, Author Consultant

Yulia is a Seattle-based product designer driven by a passion for emerging technologies and a belief in the transformative power of design. Her expertise lies in creating intuitive, cohesive user experiences that bridge the gap between technology and users, with a focus on simplifying complex issues and enhancing daily interactions. Yulia's approach combines design thinking, service design, lean startup methodology, and a keen understanding of business strategy and behavioral economics, tailored to bring efficiency and innovation to every project.

From an early age, Yulia was captivated by technology and entrepreneurship. Over the years, she has held multiple leadership roles in design and marketing. In addition, Yulia promotes design education, with her articles on design and technology gaining recognition and features in leading UX publications.

Yulia holds a Master of Science degree in Technology Innovation with a specialization in Connected Devices from the University of Washington. She has gained a thorough understanding of hardware and software development, user experience design, and technology strategy. Her capstone project, sponsored by Meta, aimed to enhance community engagement for the residents of the City of Bellevue by elevating XR technology.

At AWE XR, Yulia will discuss the complexities and opportunities of designing for visionOS, Apple's pioneering spatial computing operating system.