Axel Dietrich
Cofounder and CEO vrisch

Axel's diverse career in filmmaking marks him as a seasoned film director, producer, and influential figure in the Austrian progression of virtual reality. Beginning in 2002, Axel honed his skills in the film and advertising industries across cultural epicenters like Vienna, Munich, and Barcelona. By 2013, staying ahead of the curve, Axel had already incorporated VR technology into his work.

In their quest to innovate, Axel and his wife Gabriella founded vrisch in 2015. This Vienna-based media agency focuses solely on the development of applied immersive entertainment experiences. Their leadership led to the swift success of vrisch, attracting esteemed clients such as Vienna's historic Prater amusement park, the Austrian Red Cross, and the internationally acclaimed UK theatre company Les Enfants Terribles.

Identifying the broader scope of VR, Axel ventured into developing cross-industry XR software solutions. Utilizing his comprehensive understanding of filmmaking, entertainment, and the technical nuances of XR, he created software solutions that cater to diverse sectors, including education, planning and development, advertising, and the culture sector. His aim is to craft experiences that are not only effective but also engaging and meaningful.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Axel plays an active role in XRVienna, the largest XR community in Austria, serving as a jury member, speaker, and organizer. His dedication to this community underlines his commitment to advancing the field of VR and extended reality.