Luis Oscar Ramirez
Founder and CEO Mawari

Luis is the Founder and CEO of Mawari, aiming to democratize Synthetic Reality through emerging technologies such as XR, 5G, cloud rendering, and streaming. He co-designed with his technology team a patent-pending 3D Streaming CODEC and split rendering technology for a decentralized approach to scalability, named Mawari Network. This solution is a decentralized 3D & XR content delivery platform that breaks the bottlenecks of infrastructure supply for real-time rendering, and the lack of local compute power on XR Devices. By orchestrating a decentralized network of GPU-powered nodes that run the Mawari Engine, a proprietary technology stack that allows to render interactive 3D content and stream it efficiently in real-time to mobile XR devices at scale while reducing cost, data size, and battery consumption. Luis co-founded the Japanese MUTEK festival and was a Global Head of Marketing at MUSIC Tribe.